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ACE MOS Occupations

AH-64 Attack Helicopter Repairer MOS-15R-002

Air Defense Artillery (ADA) Command and Control Maintenance Tech MOS-225B-001

Automated Logistical Specialist MOS-92A-001

Automated Logistical Specialist MOS-92A-002

Aviation Operations Specialist (Aviation OPS SP), CMF 15 MOS-15P-002

Cannon Crewmember MOS-13B-003

Cannon Crewmember MOS-13B-004

Cannon Crewmember MOS-13B-005

Cavalry Scout MOS-19D-002

Cavalry Scout MOS-19D-003

Cavalry Scout MOS-19D-004

CH-47 Helicopter Repairer MOS-15U-002

Chemical Biological Radiological and Nuclear Specialist MOS-74D-006

Chemical Operations Specialist MOS-74D-005

Combat Engineer MOS-12B-004

Combat Engineer MOS-12B-005

Food Service Operations MOS-92G-001

Health Care Specialist MOS-68W-001

Human Resources Specialist MOS-42A-001

Human Resources Specialist MOS-42A-002

Infantryman MOS-11B-004

Infantryman MOS-11B-005

Infantryman MOS-11B-006

Infantryman MOS-11B-007

Information Technology Specialist MOS-25B-001

Information Technology Specialist MOS-25B-002

Information Technology Specialist MOS-25B-003

Intelligence Analyst MOS-35F-005

Medical NCO MOS-91B-004

Medical Specialist MOS-91B-005

Medical Specialist MOS-91B-006

Military Police MOS-31B-003

Military Police MOS-31B-002

Motor Transport Operator MOS-88M-001

Motor Transport Operator MOS-88M-002

Motor Transport Operator MOS-88M-003

Petroleum Supply Specialist MOS-92F-001

Signal Support Systems Specialist MOS-25U-001

Signal Support Systems Specialist MOS-25U-002

UH-60 Helicopter Repairer MOS-15T-002

Unit Supply Specialist MOS-92Y-001

Unit Supply Specialist MOS-92Y-002

Water Treatment Specialist MOS-92W-001

Wheel Vehicle Mechanic MOS-91B-007