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FAQ: Benefits, Enrollment, and Getting Paid

The school certifying official (SCO) certifies enrollment. Each semester an Enrollment Certification request must be submitted to the Veterans Success Center by each student. Additionally, If you are chapter 30, 1606, and 1607 you must continue with the online monthly enrollment verification (WAVE) or 1-877-823-2378.

First time recipients should start receiving their benefits in 6-8 weeks. Please note it can take up to 12 weeks in some cases. Continuing students should receive their benefits in about 4 weeks. To expedite this process, enrollment forms and other paperwork should be turned in as soon as possible during the previous semester. Don’t wait until the last minute! This could delay your processing time.

If you are Chapter 33, the VA pays your tuition and fees directly to the university. Your basic housing allowance (BAH) and book stipend will be paid directly to you. All other chapter payments are made directly to the student.

Currently, all degrees listed in the undergraduate and graduate catalogs are approved programs.

A copy of your military orders must be submitted to the certifying official as soon as possible so the VA may be notified of your status. You will need to also contact each of your instructors and let them know. You will need to do a total withdraw from UT.

If you are receiving any other financial aid then you will also need to contact financial aid regarding your deployment. Our office will report your drop to VA and report that you are being deployed. VA should have all that information in the system. After your deployment is over and you have decided to return to UT you will need to re-apply with the admissions office.

If you have student loans please visit the following links to see if you qualify for loan forgiveness, loan deferment, or other loan waiver.

Yes! In accordance with Tennessee state law veterans and active military students who currently receive VA education benefits automatically receive priority registration status. If your Student Profile does not reflect priority status, contact our office at

No. The post 9/11 l is tuition and fee specific. Only the cost of tuition and eligible fees is covered. Students residing on campus will still receive the Basic Housing Allowance and Book Stipend, but are responsible for paying room and board expenses remaining on their Student Account.

It depends on your entitlement. If you are at 100% entitlement VA will pay 100% of your in-state tuition and fees. The POST 9/11 education benefit does not cover out of state tuition.

It depends. The book stipend caps at $1,000 per academic year. The academic year runs from August to July. If you have received $1,000 between the fall and spring semesters, you have exhausted your stipend for the academic year. The book stipend is paid by credit hour. Generally the VA will pay $41.67 per credit hour ($41.67 x12= $500.04).

Students receiving grades of W, NC, or F the first time taking a course are allowed to repeat the course if it is required for their degree program. If a student receives a D in a course where the course catalog specifically requires a C or better, the student may repeat the course. Any student receiving an F will be checked for class attendance. Non attendance F’s are reported to VA and could cause you to be in overpayment with VA.

Many professors are lenient about textbooks in the first week of class. Email them in advance to ask whether not having the textbook immediately will adversely affect your class performance. Also check with the library, many books are on reserve. Our VRC has a textbook program and we do have a few books in our library. Please check with Thomas Cruise for more information on a specific book.

The full time BAH is payable at 12 hours of undergraduate enrollment and 9 hours of graduate credit. The BAH is reduced if you are enrolled in less than full time. Please see the “Full & Part Time Enrollment” link for more information.

If you have declared a major you must take courses that will be applied to your degree program. Most programs allow for a certain number of elective hours. Any course that does not fit into your program will be an elective. Once you have used up the allowed number of electives for your particular major, if you register for any more elective courses they cannot be certified by VA. You may also register for courses to be applied towards a declared second degree, or declared minor. If a course requires a prerequisite within your degree program the prerequisite can be certified for enrollment.

No. VA will only pay the amount of in-state tuition and fees. Out of state tuition must be covered by out of pocket or by external funds. In some instances chapter 31 (voc rehab) will pay out of state tuition.

Chapter 30, 1606, 1607 students who verify their attendance online can change their address and direct deposit information on the WAVE site. All other chapter students can call the VA education benefits line at 1-888-442-4551.

Chapters 30, 35, 1606, and 1607: VA will make payment directly to the student. It is your responsibility to see that your tuition and fees are paid on time by the fee deferment date each term. Your benefits are paid a month behind. For example, payment for August would occur around Sept 1.  For chapter 33 students your fees are paid directly to UT. It is still your responsibility to pay your balance by the fee deferment date if VA has not paid your balance.

Please make sure you have turned in your enrollment form on time. If you have turned the form in on time you will need to call VA at 1-888-442-4551 to find out information about BAH payments and book money.